The Indonesian People’s Alliance  (Aliansi Rakyat Indonesia) is a broad campaign  platform where initiatives could be facilitated and coordinated in order to respond to Indonesia’s 2013 Global Agenda. The initial forum was organized on January 20-21, 2013 at the Wisma YTKI, Jakarta where representatives of various grassroots organizations and movements (trade unions, peasant organizations, women, youth, and student organizations, migrant workers, research groups, indigenous peoples, and environmental groups) deliberated on the challenges of upholding the people’s aspirations in the midst of these alarming trends. The participants agreed to establish the Indonesian People’s Alliance with the following calls:

  1. Uphold people’s sovereignty!
  2. End trade liberalization!
  3. No to new agreements!
  4. Trade to serve the peoples!
  5. Mutual benefit on trade between countries!
  6. Junk WTO!


1. Engage the Indonesian government and advocate national sovereignty, mutual benefit on trade, and for the promotion of trade to serve the people.

2. Influence and shape the public discourse on neoliberal trade and development.

3. Develop capacities especially of grassroots organizations to engage at the national and international levels on the trade and development agenda.

4. Provide space for civil society and grassroots organizations from the different global regions for shared learning, reflection and action on the need for an alternative trade regime that would uphold people’s aspirations.


IPA is embarking on a year-long campaign in the run-up to the WTO Ministerial Conference on December 2013 that would focus on the whole trade and development discourse. While culminating at the WTO Bali Ministerial, the campaign is being conceived around the broader trade and development agenda so as to include campaign advocacy around the other key international events to be held in Indonesia this year.

1. Research and publication of studies on the impacts of trade liberalization in the different sectors in Indonesia. These will also attempt to establish the linkages and sharpen the critique of the ongoing discussion around the post-2015 development agenda, the APEC, and the WTO which are all concerned on furthering trade liberalization.

2. Sectoral and issue-based consultations. These activities will serve as the groundwork to build and consolidate Indonesian civil society and grassroots organizations.

3. Public fora and seminars will be IPA’s outreach to the general public on the issues of trade and development. These public fora will be used in engaging the Indonesian government.

4. Media and communications work. Press conferences, media briefings will be conducted at strategic moments throughout the year in order to shape public opinion vis-a-viz the neoliberal trade agenda and the 2013 Indonesian Global Agenda.

5. Capacity development programs such as public speaking workshop, media and communications work, and others for more effective  grassroots campaigning and advocacy work.

6. Mobilizations will be conducted to express people’s voices and generate public support.  A Global Day of Action will be organized to link up mobilizations in various countries.

7. A People’s Global Camp will be organized to provide space to activities of various local, national, and international activities in December.



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