Declaration of the Peoples’ Global Camp

Declaration of the Peoples’ Global Camp
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
3-6 December 2013
We, representatives of people’s organizations, social movements and
political forces come together in the People’s Global Camp (PGC) in
Denpasar, Bali on December 3-6, 2013 to collectively expose, resist
and call to junk the renewed neoliberal offensives of the World Trade
We bring the experiences of struggles from Australia, Bangladesh,
Cambodia, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South
Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Slovakia,
Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste,
Vietnam, and the United States, to further advance the people’s rights
and to affirm our collective resistance against the new round of
deception and maneuverings pushed by the WTO in this 9th Ministerial
The WTO Bali conference is the latest imperialist effort to revive the
failed neoliberal paradigm. As the multiple crises continue to
reverberate around the world, impacting the poorest both in developed
and developing countries, imperialist powers led by the US, European
Union and Australia are desperately pushing a new wave of neoliberal
globalization through the so-called ‘Bali Package’ and on the set of
issues identified as the post-Bali agenda.
This round of negotiations is a critical arena for monopoly
capitalists to circle around, if not dismantle, the roadblocks to
further neo-liberal globalization.. As WTO Director-General Roberto
Azevêdo puts it, “it is all or nothing now. We must tie the package up
once and for all.” Imperialists block proposals that ran counter to
its interests, and use media to portray India as the culprit for
preventing consensus on the Bali Package, although the India-led G33
proposal does not respond to the demands for food sovereignty.
The Bali Package further brings down barriers to liberalization,
deregulation and privatization while attempting to lull opposition
through vague and non-binding measures purportedly supporting Least
Developed Countries (LDCs). Even the so-called “Peace Clause” is a
pitiful trade-off as it is only temporary, and comes with difficult
conditions to actually provide any protection at all for developing
But even if the WTO fails to deliver on the Bali agenda, monopoly
capitalism will find other, more insidious ways to advance their
neoliberal agenda through bilateral and regionally negotiated trade
Neoliberal globalization, imposed through neocolonial dictates or
outright coercion, opens the natural and human resources of countries
to plunder, and precludes self-reliant and sustainable economic
development responsive to the peoples’ interests. Rather than mitigate
the effects of the global capitalist crisis, the neoliberal regime
aggravates the severe impoverishment, exploitation, displacement and
repression of the working classes and the rest of the people.
Everywhere, workers face depressed wages and erosion of labor rights,
peasants are driven out of their lands, Indigenous Peoples’ customs,
practices, rights to land, territories, resources and
self-determination is violated, fisherfolks lose the riches of the
seas and their livelihood, women and children suffer rampant
oppression in all spheres and become more vulnerable to violence,
youth are denied access to education and jobs, urban poor communities
suffer from massive unemployment and are demolished with residents
forcibly evicted from their homes and deprived of livelihood, many
people are deprived of the basic social services like health, for
example people living with HIV/AIDS accessing medicine; and even the
middle class are driven into poverty. Tens of millions have been
forced by desperation to find work overseas and be treated as
commodities and modern-day slaves.
From Seattle, to Hong Kong and now in Bali, people’s movements have
consistently resisted neoliberal globalization’s attacks on people’s
rights through militant struggle. We asserted the principles of
sovereignty, human rights and justice to counter attempts to defend
the system that favors monopoly capitalists and the local exploiting
classes in our countries.
We in the Peoples’ Global Camp, uphold the Bandung principles on
international relations based on human rights, solidarity, equality
and cooperation set sixty years ago. The Asia-Africa Conference of
1955 in Bandung, Indonesia rejected attempts by major powers to deny
the independence of other nations through colonial and neocolonial
means or by fostering various forms of dependence. The Bandung
Declaration reflects the people’s aspirations for genuine
socio-economic development as the material basis for national
We, participants of the Peoples Global Camp, call for a just framework
for trade and development that is geared towards the realization of
peoples’ economic, political, social, and cultural well-being.
Grassroots organizations and peoples’ movements across the world
representing those suffering from the unjust trade system set up by
the WTO have called for the complete rejection of the WTO and its
promotion of trade liberalization and the neoliberal agenda.
We have had enough of misleading platitudes and false solutions. The
WTO is not the answer to address the multiple crises caused and
aggravated by neoliberal globalization. Towards our goal for a system
change and sustainable development for all, there is no other just,
right and immediate call but to JUNK WTO!
Trade and genuine sustainable development for the people and the
planet, not for corporate profits!


WTO’s Midnight Deal is its last-ditch attempt to salvage itself, says IPA

The Indonesian People’s Alliance (IPA) condemns in the strongest
possible terms the World Trade Organization (WTO) for railroading the
Bali Package as a midnight deal in a desperate attempt to stage a
symbolic victory in getting a multilateral agreement and as a
face-saving scheme by the Indonesian government.

“After 12 years of impassè, the WTO makes a midnight deal as a
last-ditch effort to renew its legitimacy. But this Bali deal is an
omen of a more aggressive neoliberal offensive,” says Ario Adityo,
national coordinator of the IPA. The Bali agreement, according to
Adityo, sets the stage for a new expansion of the neoliberal agenda
that is geared towards further liberalization of trade and
agriculture, and privatization of services and technology.

The IPA, that just concluded a week-long People’s Global Camp and a
march to the US Consulate in Bali, in its declaration called for the
overhaul of the global trade regime symbolized by the WTO.

“The Bali midnight deal sells out the right to food of millions of
people throughout the world who suffer hunger and malnutrition. How
can human rights be negotiated or recognized only on an interim
basis?” asked Dewi Amelia Putri, coordinator of Seruni.

“The LDC package offers nothing but pious promises of assistance to
poor countries. In the meantime, the longstanding trade and investment
rules that favor rich countries and prevent poor countries from
achieving genuine development are still intact”, Dewi continued.

This will be made worse by the new agreement on trade facilitation
which impose binding obligation on third world countries to further
ease the entry of goods and services from the rich countries.

Amidst all these, according to IPA, civil society organizations and
lobbyists inside the WTO expressed support to the G33 proposal, which
is nothing but a pitiful trade-off.

Adityo said that, “Such maneuvering only reaffirms our long-standing
position against this illegitimate imperialist institution and the
call to junk the WTO.”

Meanwhile, the IPA said that the Susilo Bangbang Yudhoyono
administration, in an attempt to profile Indonesia as an emerging
global powerhouse, would like to secure this deal to save face as the
host government.

“The hypocrisy of this government to push the neoliberal agenda for
development in the face of the impoverishment and grave inequality
among is appalling and should be opposed,” concluded Adityo.

Youth and Students Kick off Anti-WTO Protests in Bali



Reference: Ahmad SH, IPA Spokesperson (+628787804452); Ario Adityo, IPA Program Committee head (+6282122596222) 

“People over profit! Junk WTO! Bubarkan WTO!”

These were a few of the many slogans that around 150 students and youth under the banner of the Indonesian People’s Alliance were chanting when they trooped to the United States Consulate in Bali, Indonesia today.

Various youth organizations affiliated with the Front Mahasiswa Nasional (FMN), the leading youth organization in Indonesia, gathered at Renon and marched towards the US Consulate calling for the upholding of people’s interests over corporate greed.

The protest action was the first in a series of activities and events against the World Trade Organization (WTO) that will hold its 9th Ministerial Meeting at Nusa Dua, Bali on December 3-6.

“We are joining the growing people’s resistance against the WTO as we demand that the youth and the people’s interests, not neoliberal policies, be made priority by national governments like the Indonesian government,” said Sandy Ame, general secretary of the FMN.

According to Ame, education in Indonesia is slowly being privatized and corporatized at the expense of the school-age youth. School fees continue to increase and more students are dropping out of schools because their families cannot afford the high price of education in the country.

“The youth deserve the right to a free and people-centered education that will contribute to genuine nation-building and not to imperialist interests. Because of the WTO, education has become commercialized and youth and students have become commodities for the so-called “free market”,” Ame said.

FMN is part of the IPA, an alliance of national and international organizations in and outside Indonesia calling for the junking of the WTO. It will organize a youth solidarity festival as part of the week-long People’s Global Camp organized by the IPA at the Ngurah Rai Sports Center, Denpasar, Bali on December 3-6, 2013.

FMN’s denial at the WTO only speaks fascist and anti democracy of SBY and WTO

FMN’s denial at the WTO only speaks fascist and anti democracy of SBY and WTO

With only a few days left before the 9th Ministerial, the Indonesian
government is slowly rearing its ugly fascist head.

Front Mahasiswa Nasional (FMN), a national student organization and
member of the Indonesian People’s Alliance (IPA), was denied entry
into the World Trade Organization (WTO) as its application was
rejected by the Indonesian government.

On November 30 afternoon, L.Muh.Hasan Harry Sandy Ame, general
secretary of FMN, went to Hotel Santika to collect the registration
badges for him and his three other colleagues, who were all members of
the FMN. But they were denied their badges at the table without
providing sufficient basis

Demanding answers, Ame was eventually met by four representatives of
Indonesia’s foreign and trade ministries who lined three substantial
grounds for the rejection: (1) that the FMN’s platform and framework
of the WTO run counter to the interest of the WTO; (2) that the FMN
poses a security risk to the WTO; and that FMN is not legally
registered as an organization in Indonesia.

For the IPA, this only smacks at repression.

“SBY (Indonesian president Susilo Bangbang Yudhuyono) and his local
cohorts are stopping at nothing to suppress the growing voice of
dissent against the WTO,” stated Ahmad SH, spokesperson of the IPA.

According to Ahmad, FMN went through legal means to obtain
registration for the WTO’s 9th Ministerial. It filled out and
submitted an application form together with other requirements to the
WTO Secretariat. Eventually, this application was approved.

“Clearly, the FMN, despite having critical view of the WTO, wants to
join in the WTO debate inside the ministerial. It is part of the
Indonesian civil society that wants to be involved in the process and
lobby with other sectors and interest groups to governments for a
human rights-based and people-centered trade framework. Is this what
the Indonesian government scared of?” Ahmad lamented.

This denial of FMN’s registration is clearly undemocratic and unjust,
stated IPA. Such repressive measures from the Indonesian government
only jive with its interest to implement neoliberal policies in the
country and that will only be detrimental to the lives, rights and
livelihoods of the Indonesian people.

This will not stop the IPA in pushing through with the People’s Global
Camp as a festival cum people’s conference countering the WTO
happening at the Ngurah Rai Sports Center on December 3-6, 2013.

“FMN’s denial only fuels our resolve to fight the anti-people stance
being vouched by the Indonesian government and the WTO. We will
continue asserting an international trade alternative that is fostered
on people’s solidarity, for sustainable development and geared toward
protecting the lives, rights and livelihoods of peoples and the
preservation of the environment – something that the WTO cannot give,”
Ahmad concluded.


Pencabutan akreditasi FMN oleh WTO merupakan sikap anti demokrasi dan fasis Pemerintahan SBY dan WTO!

Menuju Konferensi Tingkat Menteri (KTM) ke 9 WTO yang akan berlangsung beberapa hari lagi, WTO dan pemerintahan SBY-Budiono semakin memperlihatkan wajah aslinya yang anti demokrasi dan fasis..

Front Mahasiswa Nasional, organisasi mahasiswa nasional yang juga merupakan anggota Indonesian Peoples Alliance/Aliansi Rakyat Indonesia, dicabut akreditasinya oleh WTO berdasarkan rekomendasi pemerintahan Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Budiono.

Pada 30 November, L. Muh Harry Sandy Ame, Sekretaris Jenderal FMN, datang ke Hotel Santika untuk mengambil kartu tanda pengenal peserta KTM 9 WTO, bersama 1 orang anggota FMN. Namun di loket pengambilan tanda pengenal petugas yang bertanggung jawab menolak untuk memberikan tanda pengenal tersebut tanpa dapat memberikan penjelasan terkait penolakannya.

Berusaha untuk mendapatkan keterangan yang jelas, Sekjen FMN, meminta kepada petugas diloket tersebut untuk memanggil kordinator registrasinya. Sandy, kemudian ditemui oleh beeberapa orang petugas dari lintas kementrian, mereka adalah Gantosori (Kementrian Luar Negeri RI), Budi Wibowo (Kementrian Luar Negeri RI), Karel (Kementerian Industri dan Perdagangan RI), Alfest (Kementrian Industri dan Perdagangan RI. Gantosori mengatakan pencabutan akreditasi terhadap FMN diputuskan dalam rapat lintas antar kementrian, Polri, TNI, dan BIN. Alasan utama pecabutan ini, dikatakan oleh Gantosori alasan pencabutan adalah: (1) Pandangan dan sikap FMN yang kritis dan melawan WTO; (2) FMN dianggap merupakan ancaman terhadap keamanan KTM 9 WTO.


“Alasan yang dikemukaan sungguh tidak masuk akal. Ya betul pandangan FMN memang kritis dan melawan WTO karena WTO dan seluruh agenda swastanisasinya merupakan ancaman terhadap masa depan pendidikan terutama hak atas pendidikan pemuda, mahasiswa dan seluruh warga negara, atas dasar inilah mengapa kami menyuarakan hal tersebut pada WTO yang akan bersidang, kalau hal demikian dianggap merupakan ancaman terhadap keamanan KTM 9 WTO, maka ini hanya memperlihatkan pandangan dan sikap WTO yang anti demokrasi dan pemerintahan SBY-Budiono yang fasis” ujar Sandy.

Dalam pandangan IPA hal ini merupakan sikap represif-fasis pemerintahan SBY-Budiono.

“rejim SBY-Budiono dan alat-alat negaranya tidak akan dapat meredam suara-suara rakyat yang terus berkembang, dalam melawan WTO, karena WTO sungguh merugikan rakyat dan tidak dapat memberikan manfaat bagi rakyat Indonesia.” tegas Ahmad SH, Juru Bicara IPA (Indonesian Peopels Allliance/Aliansi Rakyat Indonesia)


Menurut Ahmad, FMN berhasil memenuhi seluruh persyaratan legalitas melalui tahapan-tahapan yang diatur oleh WTO. Dan hasilnya permohonan mereka diterima.

“Sangatlah jelas, bagi FMN, disamping mempunya pandangan yang kritis terhadap WTO, mereka mau terlibat dalam perdebatan didalam WTO, terutama yang menyangkut soal swastanisasi sektor jasa pendidikan. FMN merupakan bagian dari masyarakat sipil dan gerakan sosial di Indonesia, yang menuntut untuk dilibatkannya sektor pemuda-mahasiswa yang mau mengkampanyekan kepada pemerintah tentang kerangka perdagangan yang mengabdi rakyat dan bersadarkan HAM, apakah hal ini merupakan ancaman terhadap pemerintah Indonesia?” tegas Ahmad.

Pencabutan akreditasi bagi FMN merupakan tindakan yang anti demokrasi dan fasis. Tindakan represif dari pemerintahan Indonesia ini dapat dimaknai sebagai kelanjutan dari implementasi kebijakan dalam rangka memastikan penerapan kebijakan globalisasi-neoliberal yang sangat bertentangan dengan kehidupan, hak-hak rakyat Indonesia.


Peristiwa ini tidak akan menghentikan IPA untuk menyelenggarakan Kemah Rakyat Dunia, sebagai festival bagi rakyat berbagai negeri, yang akan diselenggarakan di Gelora Ngurah Rai, 3-6 December, 2013 dalam rangka melawan monopoli perdagangan dan mengkritisi WTO.


“Penyangkalan terhadap FMN, pada akhirnya hanya akan menjadi bahan bakar dalam perjuangan melawan sikap-sikap dan pendiririan yang anti rakyat oleh pemerintah Indonesia. Kami akan terus menuntut perdagangan internasional alternatif yang dibangun atas dasar solidairtas antar rakyat, perlindungan terhadap kehidupan, dan pembangunan yang berkelanjutan, dimana hal-hal tersebut tidak dapat diberikan oleh WTO” simpul Ahmad.

Peoples Global Camp Rundown/Jadwal Kegiatan

People’s Global Camp
Ngurah Rai Sports Center, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
December 3-6, 2013


Arrival and registration (whole day)
Orientation of participants (whole day)
Venue: Ngurah Rai Sports Center
1 – 2PM. IPA Press Conference
Venue: Puputan (TBC)
11AM – 6PM. Global People’s Parade
The Global People’s Parade will formally
open the PGC as participants march
through the streets of Bali until the
Ngurah Rai Sports Center where a short
program will be held, highlighted with
Indonesian and international speakers
and cultural performances to express the
people’s unity for a people-centered trade
and against the WTO.
Route: From Puputan to Ngurah Rai
Sports Center
9AM – 12NN. Global People’s Plenary
The Global People’s Plenary shall
present both the global situation under
neoliberal globalization propelling the
people in Indonesia and all over the world
to stand up and collectively fight the
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana, Ngurah Rai
Sports Center
1 – 4PM. Self-Organized Activities
(Issues and Problems)
Various sectors and organizations will
hold their respective workshops and
activities to discuss how the WTO and
neoliberal globalization cause more
problems and negative impact rather than
good to their respective sectors.
Venue: Please see separate table
7 – 10PM. Solidarity Night
Let us celebrate the people’s resistance
against the WTO and neoliberal
globalization in a night of music, dance,
chants and cultural performances.
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana

9AM – 12NN. Self-Organized
Activities (Resistance and
Another round of self-organized
activities will be held to lay down the
various experiences of resistance as
well as alternatives to the WTO and
neoliberal globalization.
Venue: Please see separate table
1 – 4PM. Report Back Plenary
Organizations that conducted the side
events, workshops and other activities
in the self-organized activities will
each be given a short period of time
to present the results and resolutions
that came out of their respective
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana
9AM – 12NN. Global People’s
All reports, especially resolutions and
recommendations, will be consolidated
and presented during this time.
Following that will be the deliberation
and approval of the PGC declaration
whose draft will be circulated
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana
1PM. Global People’s March
To conclude the PGC, a global people’s
march will be held with the objective of
laying down the analysis and position
of the various organizations and
movements that participated in the PGC
– which is to Junk WTO!


For any inquiries, please contact the IPA Secretariat: Irhash (081572222066),
Ario (082122596222), Erul (081334151020), Rei (081296009019)

Failed WTO deal is a point for the people!

PGC poster (2)Press Release – 27 November 2013

For reference: Ahmad SH, spokesperson

A failure in the WTO deals is a step towards victory for the people.

 This is the statement of the Indonesian Peoples’ Alliance (IPA) as it celebrates the failure of trade ministers to reach a global free trade agreement in Geneva as announced by World Trade Organization director general Roberto Azevedo.

This failure only delegitimizes the WTO as a global institution that purports itself to be facilitating multilateral trade among countries. This also shows the continued failure of the WTO after Doha round.

The WTO since its inception has not in any way assisted least developed countries (LDCs) in improving their own economies but has only restricted them to the impositions of big capitalist countries like the United States.

Furthermore, WTO agreements have only caused so much suffering for the people. The Agreement on Agriculture, for example, has only caused the liberalization of the agricultural sector with poor farmers competing against cheaper agricultural imports from developed countries.

The failure in achieving a global free trade deal is a big step back for the WTO to renew its offensive to push the neoliberal globalization agenda of liberalization, deregulation and privatization that has only proven to be detrimental to the life, livelihood and rights of workers, peasants and other classes and sectors.

Such a failure only puts to light the fact that the US is being challenged in  the global trade arena.

With this failure come vigilance.

As we celebrate this failure, we must come together and strengthen our unity and resolve to fight trade monopoly that is being vouched by the WTO. Bilateral and regional trade agreements such as the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) are being developed and we must continue to resist them.

The IPA supports all nations and peoples asserting their national sovereignty and aiming to protect their economy against the onslaught of neoliberal globalization. Right now, more countries are more concerned in ensuring food security and sovereignty, human rights and sustainable development rather than raking in profits at the expense of the people.

Human rights and democracy, environmental sustainability, food sovereignty and equitable development and the eradication of poverty and inequality in the world should be the aim in promoting multilateral trade. These have never been the aims of the WTO and it is with much resolve that we continue to call: JUNK WTO!

The IPA shall amplify this call in the upcoming People’s Global Camp in Bali, Indonesia on December 3-6, 2013 as a counter-conference by the people of Indonesia and the world against the WTO that will hold its 9th ministerial meeting around the same time in Nusa Dua.