Peoples Global Camp Rundown/Jadwal Kegiatan

People’s Global Camp
Ngurah Rai Sports Center, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
December 3-6, 2013


Arrival and registration (whole day)
Orientation of participants (whole day)
Venue: Ngurah Rai Sports Center
1 – 2PM. IPA Press Conference
Venue: Puputan (TBC)
11AM – 6PM. Global People’s Parade
The Global People’s Parade will formally
open the PGC as participants march
through the streets of Bali until the
Ngurah Rai Sports Center where a short
program will be held, highlighted with
Indonesian and international speakers
and cultural performances to express the
people’s unity for a people-centered trade
and against the WTO.
Route: From Puputan to Ngurah Rai
Sports Center
9AM – 12NN. Global People’s Plenary
The Global People’s Plenary shall
present both the global situation under
neoliberal globalization propelling the
people in Indonesia and all over the world
to stand up and collectively fight the
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana, Ngurah Rai
Sports Center
1 – 4PM. Self-Organized Activities
(Issues and Problems)
Various sectors and organizations will
hold their respective workshops and
activities to discuss how the WTO and
neoliberal globalization cause more
problems and negative impact rather than
good to their respective sectors.
Venue: Please see separate table
7 – 10PM. Solidarity Night
Let us celebrate the people’s resistance
against the WTO and neoliberal
globalization in a night of music, dance,
chants and cultural performances.
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana

9AM – 12NN. Self-Organized
Activities (Resistance and
Another round of self-organized
activities will be held to lay down the
various experiences of resistance as
well as alternatives to the WTO and
neoliberal globalization.
Venue: Please see separate table
1 – 4PM. Report Back Plenary
Organizations that conducted the side
events, workshops and other activities
in the self-organized activities will
each be given a short period of time
to present the results and resolutions
that came out of their respective
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana
9AM – 12NN. Global People’s
All reports, especially resolutions and
recommendations, will be consolidated
and presented during this time.
Following that will be the deliberation
and approval of the PGC declaration
whose draft will be circulated
Venue: GOR Lila Bhuana
1PM. Global People’s March
To conclude the PGC, a global people’s
march will be held with the objective of
laying down the analysis and position
of the various organizations and
movements that participated in the PGC
– which is to Junk WTO!


For any inquiries, please contact the IPA Secretariat: Irhash (081572222066),
Ario (082122596222), Erul (081334151020), Rei (081296009019)


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