Indonesian Peoples Alliance-North Sumatera Committee: STOP Trade Liberalization and Up Hold Sovereignty!


Medan, North Sumatera (3/7), 18 mass organizations and civil society organizations in North Sumatera, together with progressive academicians gathered in Wisma LPPM North Sumatera University to respond international agenda that will be hosted by Indonesia government this year (APEC Summit and WTO 9th Ministerial Meeting), a public forum and declaration of Indonesian Peoples Alliance-North Sumatera Committee, are being organized by Indonesian enviromental forum (WALHI Sumut) and Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS-palm oil workers union).

The public forum was attended by several resources person, they are Yati Simanjuntak from KPPSM, Ahmad Syah from Federation of Independent Trade Union-North Sumatera Chapter (GSBI), Rahmad Panjaitan form PEMA USU, Ari from BPPRI, and Oding Affandi (progessive academicians from North Sumatera University) and Rudi HB, Daman from Indonesian Peoples Alliance-National Coordinating Committee member.

In this forum a general message were been delivered by resource persons, that WTO is do not give any benefit to the peoples, what WTO done is exploiting third world peoples to recover from International monopoly capitalism crisis. Yati Simanjuntak from KSPPM said:
“WTO scheme in agriculture sector is resulted by marginalizing women and evicting and destroy peasant and indigenous peoples. Regulation that were made by Indonesian government, like Law on Food, is not only attack peasantry but not recognize women role in agriculture”

Rahmad Panjaitan from student government of north sumatera university, said:
“We do aware that education in Indonesia is threatened by liberalization scheme that have worst impact, citizen rights to education is being restricted by University Law which set excessive education fee, by this law access to education in Nort Sumatera is reduced by 30%, because majority of North Sumatera population is peasantry”

From workers sector, Ahmad Syah (Federation of Independent Trade Union-GSBI Sumut) said labor market flexibility that become components of trade liberalization is being implemented by government in the form of outsourcing and contractual workers, its been made so the labor market in Indonesia is flexible toward trade liberalization.

“In North Sumatera, our investigation found number of outsourcing and contractual workers are increase by 5% per year, this increase also parallel with union busting practice”

While Oding Affandi from North Sumatera University explained that trade and free market is become tools that are being used by develop country for their own interests, its intention to break protection measures of a country, were this action is threaten sovereignty of a country
“an ability to compete is being weakened, economic potential is being send to develop countries, national pride is being insulted. Trade and free market is only resulting unjust situation, these all thing are been done to realize hidden agenda of US which being covered in the name of trade and free market”

This forum is being conclude with an urgent task for mass orgs and CSO’s to unite and take initiative to respond APEC and WTO meetings, and consistently campaigning resistance against international monopoly capitalism that are being guard by the puppet government.

With this conclusion mass orgs and CSO’s that attend the forum are committed to consolidate under Indonesian Peoples Alliance as broad platform to campaign Sovereignty and Trade to Serve the Peoples. IPA North Sumatera Commttee (IPA NS Com) is establish and declared. Walhi North Sumatera will become their IPA North Sumatera secretariat and Ranto Sibarani and Kotib as coordinators

IPA-NS Com will mobilize its members to respond APEC SOM III meeting on 5-6 July 2013 in Medan.

Members of IPA-NS committee are as follow:

  1. Pusaka Indonesia
  2. FMN Cabang Medan
  3. Kontras Sumut
  4. AGRA
  9. SPKS
  10. KOTIB ( Ranto Sibarani, 081370161508)
  11. BITRA Indonesia
  12. PKPA
  13. KSPPM
  14. PEMA USU
  15. Serikat Petani Indonesia-SUMUT
  17. WALHI SUMUT (Kusnadi Oldani 081533101592)
  18. KDAS