IPA: Workers Movement Campaign To Stop Trade Liberalization and Junk WTO!

IMG_0941IPA: Workers Movement oppose Trade Liberalization and Junk WTO!

Indonesian Peoples Alliance together with Indonesia working class is mobilizing their forces inInternational Labor Day. Thousands of militant working peoples under the FPR (Front Perjuangan Rakyat/Peoples Struggle Front) demand to the government to stop wage, land, and work seizure. Under the multiple crisis that are hitting international monopoly capitalist system, their effort to revive from the crises is to shift the burden to working peoples shoulders. Variuos schemes that had been imposed to the third world countries are being accumulated to gain back their super profit. Those scheme that had been direct impact to the Indonesian working class is outsourcing and short term contractual workers which is the application of labor market flexibility. Rudy HB Daman, workers leaders said the scheme
is attacking workers normative and democratic rights, its is odious scheme that put peoples not different from slavery.

“outsourcing and short term contractual workers is a liberalization program under the international monopoly capitalism, to maintain productive forces reserved. Within this scheme so called competitive nature of labor is being kept by maintaining cheap labor politics, lay off, and union busting. In Indonesia these are that writing in Indonesia Labor Ordinance. Workers is like slave, when the capitalists are feel threat by union and workers activity they could easily dismissed the workers” Rudi,  who is Chairperson of Federation of
Independent Trade Union (IPA members) also.

In a semi colonial and semi feudal country like Indonesia, there is no national industry, majority of industry in Indonesia is semi processing or manufacture industry, which ironically the whole raw material, labor, market is coming from within the country. Indonesia
is supposedly have a strong national industry, since this country had objective condition for that, but the ruling class today is do not have serve the peoples perspective and become peoples enemy. Rudy explained that the whole industrial system in Indonesia is being set
up to facilitate the foreign direct investment, like what the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Budiono regime do by made Masterplan to Accelerate Indonesian Economic Development (Master Plan Percepatan Pembangunan Ekonomi Indonesia/MP3EI).

“in MP3EI Indonesia will be divided into 6 corridors, where each corridor is being promoted to attract foreign direct investments in strategic sectors, such as mining, services, enviromental, agriculture, even the set up of Special Economic Zone, which is very artificial and anti workers” Rudi.CRW_4363

In relation to this miserable conditions, trade liberalization agendas
that are being promote as a way out from this protracted crises, is
killing Indonesia agriculture and small industry. Free trade
aggrements, WTO agendas, ASEAN-China FTA,  APEC schemes are attacking
indonesia sovereignty as a country and its peoples. Shamefully these
agendas are being facilitated by Indonesian government. Ario Adityo
from Institute for National and Democracy Studies (INDIES) said, what
Indonesia government sell to the international as “Indonesia
Development” that claim could generate growth GDP is false and

“6,4% growth in 2013 that are being sell by the government is false,
subjectivelly the government the basis of this growth is the
increasing number of middle class in Indonesia, which is being
categorized that had income 200-1000 US$ per/month, this very
ridiculous. With this very broad interpretation even  Indonesia
working class in Jakarta could be categorized as middle class, were I
do not see the faces of those middle class in this rally. Working
class in Indonesia is composed 20% from general population, and
peasantry is 60%. So is it objective to make such judgment? “
explained Ario, which is ILPS members also.

More importantly, the government claim that Indonesian growth is the
best among the ASEAN countries, but ironically this growth do not been
reflected and related to workers livelihood. Indonesia workers still
the cheapest workers in ASEAN.

“if we compare wage level between Indonesia with several countries in
the region Indonesia is the cheapest among all countries, wage level
Thailand, Malaysia and The Philippines is already above 210 US$, while
majority wage level in Indonesia is still under 200 US$, this is the
reality, heaven for foreign capitals and nightmare for workers, and
today Indonesia still proudly said that Indonesia under go development
and democracy? This is the talk of the leader of Indonesia capitalist
bureaucrat, lying is their way of life”

Thousand of workers under the Peoples Struggle Front
will give another blow to the working peoples and toiling masses in
Indonesia, there for with Indonesian Peoples Alliance, a movement for
sovereignty and trade to serve the peoples, will mobilizing its forces
along this year in APEC Summit (October) and 9th WTO Ministerial
Meeting (December).