Mass Organizations in Bali are prepared toward International agenda 2013 in their island!

IMG_3009Denpasar (14/03) Bali, continuing mass organization and CSOs consolidation in Lombok (11/03)to respond 2013 International agenda, broad student goups and ngos take active participation on public seminar that been organized by Indonesian Peoples Alliance. Peasant org, trade union, women org, and student group in Bali become speakers in this public seminar about WTO impact on peoples livelihood.

Recently indigenous peoples of Bali will be evicted from their land by Indonesian government to secure venue for APEC Summit this year. Ngurah Karyadi from Agrarian Reform Consorsium in Bali said, this thing proved that peoples will do not get benefit from Indonesia involvement in such international formation

“peoples not only suffered from the liberalization policy, their land also being grabbed for venue to hold such expensive international event like APEC summit”

Dr. I Wayan Gede Wiryawan, academician that engage with worker movement said trade liberalization that been driven by WTO is already make industrial relation in third world countries like Indonesia cant fulfill justice for workers

“agreement in WTO is forcing its members to make adjustment in their national regulation toward liberalization scheme, this scheme is cant give justice to workers since laws are created to facilitate investment not to create situation where decent work can be fulfilled, respect and promote”

On women issues the impact of trade liberalization also drive violence on women, Ni Nengah Budawati from LBH APIK-Denpasar said poverty that become result of unjust policies as breakdown of liberalization scheme is make women become more vulnerable

“violation on women rights also been driven by such policies, women didnt recognize in such situation, we could see these violations from what happen to Indonesian migrant workers abroad, where majority of them are women”

Haerul Umam from National Student Front-Denpasar said liberalization on education is already made student lost their orientation as future generation that should be serve the peoples.

“Since education in country like Indonesia where have been dominated by monopoly capitalism, education is being frame to serve business not to serve the peoples, students are being frame to fulfill their academic, with false promise that job will come soon after graduation, while the reality that we can see, here, in Indonesia, most of the under graduate student is become unemployment, and if they work, is not related with their studies in university”

Organizations that participated in this public seminar, will hold meeting to prepare activities in Bali in order to respond 2013 International agenda that will be held on their island. These 14 organizations are as follows: GMNI-Denpasar, BEM PM Universitas Udayana, KMHDI, FSPM-Bali, PADI, BEM FH Universitas Maha Saraswati, LPM Garis UNHI, JIKA, Front Mahasiswa Nasional-Bali, IM3-Denpasar, LBH APIK-Bali, HMPS Ilmu Politik, PMKRI-Denpasar, HMPE Universitas Udayana.


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